Back To Basics Dog Training

Build a stronger bond with your dog.



You're a new puppy owner and you're feeling overwhelmed.


Your dog reacts when you go near their food or special toys.


Your dog is aggressive toward other dogs or people?

Biting / Chewing?

Your puppy is constantly biting and chewing on everything.

Our Training Method

Focussing on positive leadership and building a strong bond with your dog, you'll gain the skills and confidence to overcome any challenge.

Positive Leadership Training

The key to this training is learning how to win your dog’s mind... THEN train their body. This training method has proven success helping thousands of dogs around the world. Winning your dogs mind simply means getting them to a place where THEY choose to behave in a desired way without the need for force or aggression.

Using a kind and gentle approach to training dogs with behavioural issues allows dog lovers to avoid harsh training methods. The training techniques used at B2B Dog Training are adapted to your dog’s specific needs. This training is going to give you the tools and the confidence to build your relationship and create a deeper bond with your dog.

Bill Verbakel, Founder / Trainer


It is a long-term solution that deals with the cause of the problem (not just treating the symptom)

It works with the dog’s natural instincts
(the dog understands what we’re doing) 

It answers any of your
 ”why” questions
(why is my dog jumping up on everyone)

It is gentle & non confrontational
(positive leadership

Our Programs

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Online Self Guided Puppy academy

Proactive Puppy will help you learn basic to advanced foundational exercises and techniques.
In our self guided online learning environment you will have access to 80+ high quality video tutorials that will leave you feeling confident in your ability to train your puppy.

Proactive Puppy includes:
80+ high quality video tutorials covering:
Toilet training & basic cues like recall, sit, down, and stay.
Mouthing & biting, Jumping up, Door dashing & Counter surfing.

Online courses covering: 
How puppies learn, Puppy motivation, Socialization & Field Trips, and Getting your timing right with rewards.
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 $37.00  tax incl.

Online Self Guided reactivity academy

Reigning In Reactivity will help you in your understanding of how your dog sees the world, what causes them to display the behaviours you're seeing now, and how to STOP reactivity so you can get back to enjoying the life you want with your dog.

Reigning In Reactivity includes courses on:
Understanding Leadership  
Resource Guarding & Husbandry  
Mastering Mindset  
Body Language In Dogs  
Loose Leash Walking  
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$37.00  tax incl.

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after care - Custom Training Plan
(Limited Space Available)

Are you looking for a little more guidance and coaching?

Our After Care program is available for those that want some extended coaching in a one to one format. This can be through online video calls, in person training or a combination of the two.

After Care is a custom training plan but we only have a limited number of spaces available at any time. 

On-Going Support

Your dog’s training doesn't end with the Puppy or Reactivity Academy and neither does OUR support for YOU.  

We LOVE training and talking about dogs! Join our online communities to continue the conversation.

Photo by <a href=''>Ayla Verschueren</a> on <a href=''>Unsplash</a>

" Honestly, I could not say enough wonderful things about Bill and his very positive techniques. His skill with our puppy and children was amazing. He has taught us so much and has helped to harness our lab's excitement and jumping.  "... more

Lily & Elisa

" Bill joined our kindergarten class for a virtual learning session... on how to speak "doggie."  Students learned when and how to play with a dog and when to leave a dog alone... I would highly recommend his presentation to other educators and families. "...more


" ... His techniques, knowledge and wisdom are not something you can simply Google...Our koda bear has grown tremendously since training with Bill and the lessons he's taught us have made us better to teach her! "... more

Koda & Melissa