Back To Basics Dog Training

Build a stronger bond with your dog.

Proactive Puppy Online Academy

Beginner to Advanced Skills

In this module you'll have access to 25 high quality videos walking you through basic foundational exercises all the way up to more advanced techniques. You'll feel confident in your ability to train and your puppy will be like a magnet to every word you say.  

Everything is there from introducing a collar, toilet training, basic & advanced cues such as recall, sit, down, stay.

Tricks & Enrichment

Everyone loves tricks! Here you'll learn classic puppy tricks like take a paw, rollover, spin, ring a bell and so much more. Plus... There are enrichment games to keep your puppy busy while you're making dinner or trying to get things done around the house.  

Learn At Your Own Pace

In addition to the skills module and the tricks & Enrichment training, our Proactive Puppy Online Academy includes video tutorials on 8 of the most common problem prevention issues.

Topics Include:

  • Mouthing & Biting
  • Jumping up
  • Door Dashing
  • Counter Surfing

Proactive Puppy Online Academy Pricing

1 Year Full

$37 CAD

  • 80+ High Quality Video Tutorials
  • Beginner & Advanced Techniques
  • Positive Leadership Training
  • Tricks & Enrichment
  • Socialization & Field Trips
  • Problem Prevention
  • Additional Resources

Bill Verbakel

Bill is a hardworking, compassionate person in all that he sets out to do. Training dogs is a passion which has developed over years of working with animals. From an early age Bill worked on farms that had cattle, pigs, dogs and other animals.

Dogs became an even bigger part of the picture as Bill began life on his own. His drive to educate people in the foundational teachings that ALL dog owners should know moves him to be relentless in his pursuit to taking client education to the highest standard. Meeting people where they are and helping them to reach their training goals is a primary focus of the coaching and training Bill is involved in.

You're sure to be left with a greater understanding of the skills required to implement training, and a deep understanding of how your dog sees the world around them. When you understand your dog, you can build a stronger, deeper relationship and you'll see training opportunities in every day life

See you on the inside!