Back To Basics Dog Training

Build a stronger bond with your dog.

Our Story

Dogs were always a part of life growing up. Although we didn’t have a dog in our house, the farm I worked on had dogs all the time. One of my favourite places was a house my parents rented while a new home was being built for our family. What made is special was a large husky who lived there. I honestly can’t remember the dogs name, but I can recount memories of sitting with the dog telling her of my day. While I know that she couldn’t understand the words that I spoke, I felt a connection with her in a way I couldn’t really explain.

Over the years I’ve raised dogs from the puppies, learning as we all do how best to care for them. There was always something missing though and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

I’ve come to know EXACTLY what was missing as I journeyed in my study of dogs and their behaviours. In my eyes, I believed I was showing my dogs that I was a confident leader. A leader who would care for them and fulfill their many needs. What I failed to see at the time was what I believed made me a confident leader was only in MY eyes. To my dog, I was sending either mixed messages or the wrong message all together. Studying dogs and their psychology has allowed me to develop an understanding of how canines think.

When we learn what is important in our dogs eyes, we gain the ability to truly become the confident leader our dogs need us to be. 

From an early age I always felt a longing to help others. I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I know and seeing the implications it has in the lives of people who have come to the end of the rope. Watching as dogs return to a natural balance, and a harmony within the home is something I look forward to with every family I work with.

If I had to describe myself, I would say that i’m a hardworking, compassionate person in all that I set out to do. Training dogs is a passion which has developed over years of working with animals. As I mentioned, from an early age I worked on farms that had cattle, pigs, dogs and other animals.

Dogs became an even bigger part of the picture as I began life on my own. My strong drive to educate people in the foundational teachings that ALL dog owners should know moves me to be relentless in my pursuit to taking client education to the highest standard. Meeting people where they are and helping them to reach their training goals is a primary focus of the coaching and training I complete.